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The old axiom that says it’s lonely at the top is just as true in the world of business as it is anywhere else. Company owners are expected to make tough decisions on a daily basis concerning a wide range of subjects, and often they have to do so without the benefit of good, solid advice, but CP Lehal and Company, CPA, CGA can help.

Our team has the experience and knowledge to help with many of the issues your company will face during its lifetime. Whether you’re putting together a plan of action for getting started, looking to grow or change things up, or even planning to sell or wind things up, we can provide insightful advice designed to give you the best chance for success regardless of the direction you’re heading.

Some of the areas we can help with include:

Strategic planning
Developing a start up plan
Transition planning
Investment planning and sourcing
Business valuation
Major purchase ramifications
And much more
There are many times over the course of a business’ lifetime when the owner needs good advice. However, the reality is that when you’re a smaller company it’s often difficult to get the counsel you need because you can’t always afford to hire as staff the people who could provide that advice. However, when it comes to financial questions, there’s CP Lehal and Company, CPA, CGA to help make those decisions easier.

CP Lehal and Company’s goal is to provide quality information and advice that will give you and your company the best shot at successfully achieving whatever it is you want to accomplish. That’s because we know that being able to get timely, knowledgeable information is crucial to your corporate and personal well-being. We bring years of experience to your team, and we’ll always be there when you need us.

The auditing or reviewing of a company’s financial statements are important duties that need to be conducted by an experienced, knowledgeable and independent accountant. CP Lehal and Company, CPA, CGA provides these services to clients throughout the province.

An audit is an opinion formed by the auditor as to whether a company’s financial statements have been fairly presented so that lenders, investors and regulatory agencies can feel confident that the company’s financial picture is accurate. The auditor will perform an in-depth investigation into the statements using a variety of methods including, but not limited to, personnel interviews, third party verifications, inventory counts, and analyses and testing of control systems and documentation. An audit is a rigorous, expensive process that requires a skilled, knowledgeable conductor to ensure the work is done properly.

A review is a less thorough investigation of the books, designed to determine whether what is in the financial statements is believable. The review engagement is conducted primarily by analysis of the statements and discussion with key personnel. The reviewer’s chief purpose is to assess the statements to see whether anything “jumps out” to suggest there is a problem. It may not carry the same weight as an audit because it’s not as thorough, but it’s still an important financial tool, and it still requires a careful reviewer because important corporate decisions will still be determined on its outcome. The upside, of course, is that it’s not as expensive as an audit.

CP Lehal and Company’s experience in review engagements means the firm is regularly called upon to conduct these crucial reports for companies looking to satisfy regulatory agencies, entice new investors or secure a loan. As with everything we do, we are meticulous in this work because there is so much potentially riding on the results. Our clients can rest assured that our procedures always follow those prescribed under Canada’s financial reporting and assurance standards.

Our work has helped clients secure millions of dollars in loans and investments over the years, so if your company requires an audit or a review of its financial statements, we here at CP Lehal and Company, CPA, CGA can help.

CP Lehal and Company, CPA, CGA knows that minimizing tax liability is a critical component of any corporate financial plan, regardless of the size of the company. Nobody wants to pay more taxes than they absolutely must. Our experience and knowledge ensures our clients are able to minimize tax exposure while maximizing potential refunds for individuals.

Given the complexity of tax law in Canada, it always pays to have someone who knows the ins and outs of those laws working on your company’s behalf. It’s too easy to make a mistake given the ever-changing rules and regulations, and the pitfalls of doing it wrong can be disastrous.

Unfortunately, most small to medium-sized businesses can’t afford to have an accountant and supporting personnel on staff so they need to rely on the expertise of others, and that’s where CP Lehal and Company, CPA, CGA comes into the picture because our team takes taxes seriously.

Our primary focus when it comes to taxes is to make sure you pay not one penny more than what you are required to pay. We’ll ensure all of your annual returns are properly prepared, and that they take advantage of every opportunity the tax laws provide for you to keep more of your hard-earned money.

We’ll do this by providing concise reporting and proper documentation every step of the way, by utilizing the latest and most up-to-date software, by integrating your tax reporting with your financial reporting cycle, and by helping you update your internal systems to ensure the process is as efficient – and therefore as inexpensive – as possible. Above all, we’ll ensure every aspect of what we do for you is clearly explained so that you are always in the picture, and so you can make timely, informed decisions about your business.

CP Lehal and Company, CPA, CGA knows that effective management of your tax requirements is crucial to your corporate and personal well-being. We bring years of experience to your team, and we’ll always be there when you need us.

Accurate and timely payroll preparation and reporting is important not only to your company’s employees, but to the financial well-being of your organization. If it’s not done well, there’s a distinct possibility your employees might be unhappy, but it’s pretty much guaranteed that the Canada Revenue Agency won’t be impressed.

To stay on top of your payroll obligations you need a company that specializes in every aspect of the payroll process, and CP Lehal and Company, CPA, CGA is the go-to firm for many, many companies throughout British Columbia.

That’s because our firm has a thorough grasp of approved payroll procedures that are common to all sectors, including such areas as:

Report filing
Tracking sick days or paid time off
Benefits administration
Beyond this, however, we have experience with a wide variety of industries, which means we understand the payroll needs specific to those industries. The differences between sectors may be subtle, but it’s important that your payroll specialist knows what to look for, and how to process the necessaries.

We also understand the special needs of companies with non-standard payroll requirements, such as firms with high turnover rates, or those that have employees who work varying hours.

If you don’t have the in-house personnel to handle payroll duties efficiently, and if it’s critical to your company’s well-being that the payroll be done accurately and on time, each and every time, then you need CP Lehal and Company, CPA, CGA working for you and your employees. We’ll ensure that the procedure is conducted professionally from start to finish, month in and month out. That’s our promise.

There’s nothing like the paperwork involved in preparing GST, PST and Worksafe reports to ruin any business person’s day, but it doesn’t have to be like that when you have the right accounting firm handling the preparation of those documents.

At CP Lehal and Company, CPA, CGA, we understand that no business person really wants to tackle those chores, even though he or she knows the downside of not complying with the requirements of the regulatory bodies that oversee collection of these taxes and fees can be messy and costly.

For this reason, CP Lehal and Company, CPA, CGA undertakes to make the process as painless and inexpensive as possible for its clients, by ensuring that GST, PST and Worksafe filings are done properly, and on time, so that clients avoid the costly fines and penalties associated with non-compliance.

The complexities of GST, PST and Worksafe collection are manifest, and it’s important to have an accountant who has a thorough grounding in the minutiae involved in accurate filing. What might seem onerous to someone unfamiliar with the process becomes routine – and therefore less time consuming and expensive – when entrusted to a firm that understands the best ways to be efficient… a firm like CP Lehal and Company, CPA, CGA .

It’s also important to keep in mind that the rules regarding GST, PST and Worksafe filing are not static, so having a professional in your corner whose job it is to keep up with changes to the various rules and regulations is as important as the preparation work involved in filing a return. At CP Lehal we are always on top of the latest changes from the federal and provincials governments when it comes to tax rules, as well as changes to Worksafe regulations.

So, if preparing GST, PST and Worksafe paperwork isn’t something you particularly enjoy, we here at CP Lehal and Company, CPA, CGA are ready and able to take the burden off your hands. The result for you will be peace of mind knowing the job is being done properly, and on time.

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