Cities with the Lowest Taxes in Canada Tax rates range from 5% to 15%. See where to find the lowest from @moneysense

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Canadians seldom think twice about the cost of going to the doctor or sending their kids to school, but nothing in this country really comes for free. Taxes pay for everything from the roads we drive on to our universal health care. They’re the unavoidable cost of living in a modern society. But that doesn’t mean we enjoy paying them.

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Taxes set at the provincial level like sales and income taxes are the biggest determinants of how much you’ll pay and vary a great deal across the country. Sales taxes range from a low of 5% in Alberta up to 15% in Atlantic Canada and Quebec. Income taxes are just as varied. Someone earning $50,000 in British Columbia could expect to pay roughly $8,300 in income taxes, assuming no dedications or write-offs, whereas a persons in the same situation living in Quebec should expect to pay $2,600 more.

As much as Canadians detest income taxes, we are just as happy to gripe about their property taxes too. And these taxes can vary widely between neighbouring cities. Move across the Rouge Valley from Toronto into Pickering and you can expect your property tax rate to jump from 1.69% to 2.75%. In dollar terms, that works out to a $2,000 more a year difference for most families.

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